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Darcie C.

Jeff is awesome! He connects so well with my son and makes it fun for him to learn and grow. My son loses interest in things after a short period of time but we are still going strong well over 3 years now! Jeff is also super flexible with schedules and is so easy to work with. He has 5+ stars in my book!

Paul J.

I’ve been taking lessons with Jeff for a few years now. He’s patient and a great teacher. If you’re looking for fun lessons on the fundamentals of drumming I highly recommend signing up with Jeff !

Justine W.

At 48, I had never played an instrument but always wanted to try drums. Jeff made me feel comfortable after arriving feeling anxious, and by the end of the lesson I was sitting at the drum kit feeling like it might be possible for an old dog to learn new tricks after all. He has a pleasant demeanor and a way of pointing out how you can improve without making you feel hopeless. Over my years of lessons, Jeff helped me grow as a musician and a person. Highly recommend giving him a try. He is an excellent drummer, a kind, patient, and helpful teacher, and a top-notch human being.

Erin K.

Jeff is the best! After a few years of learning and perfecting my skills with him, I’m ready to embark on my dream of joining a band! Jeff has such an appreciation for all musical styles and he’s always able to tailor his teaching style to each individual student. He has such a passion for music and he truly wants to share his immense talent and knowledge with the world. Oh, and for anyone looking to build a career in the music industry, Jeff is an incredible source of knowledge and experience. He’s truly one of a kind. Thanks, Jeff!!

Stephen R.

Jeff is an amazing (and patient) teacher. He meets you where you are at and helps you develop into the drummer you want to be, at least that was my experience. He's listened (and probably played) just about everything, so if you think he won't know your kind of music, you're probably mistaken. He knows his stuff and with musical smarts, patience, and humor, Jeff can help you get to where you want to be as a drummer (and maybe as a person as well).

Spencer D.

I’ve been taking lessons from Jeff for a few weeks now, and I have appreciated his approach to teaching the drums which has taken into account my own playing abilities and tendencies rather than trying to fit a one-size-fits-all approach. Having played for quite a few years, I was looking for a teacher to help identify areas I could clean up and help take my drumming to the next level. Within a couple of sessions, Jeff was able to identify a couple of key areas that I was needing to develop (mainly related to foot and hand technique) and come up with a game plan to start building up these areas. So far, I have found this new practice area to be very beneficial and can notice an improvement in my overall feel and flow. Jeff is also very approachable and receptive, which I think is one of the most important qualities of a good teacher. I would definitely recommend Jeff for high-quality and individual-focused drum lessons.

Celleste D.

Jeff has an amazing ability to get students past their inhibitions, whatever they may be, and reach their full potential. He makes the process of learning joyful and fun so his students associate playing drums with happiness to see themselves accomplish new and challenging skills.

Jeff L.

Our son (14 now) has been taking drum lessons from Jeffrey for over 4 years. It has been wildly successful from the very beginning and we would recommend him to anyone interested in drumming. Twice our son has been part of an incredibly innovative and fun version of the usual "recital" that music students do... you should ask Jeffrey about this wonderful aspect of what he does.

Long H.

A+++++ Highly recommended. I couldn't play Funky Drummer by James Brown before , and now I can play it with ease.

Beverly M.

Jeff M. is not only a world-class drummer, he's a super sweet guy and a great teacher, even for a rank beginner like me, who knew absolutely nothing about drums when I started lessons with him. He's got the kind of patience, humor and generosity of spirit that makes it easy to learn and exciting to explore drumming under his guidance. He customizes his teaching to my needs and likes, and always gives me just enough challenge to learn and improve fast, while keeping it really fun. I feel lucky to have found a teacher this good at such an affordable rate. Top quality instruction and an absolute joy to work with! ...and our lessons have been 100% online, since I took up drumming after the pandemic shut things down. Jeff helped me choose & set up my drum set, walked me through tuning the drums, and has given me everything I need to learn to play, entirely over video. Highly recommend.

Patricia D.

I absolutely love Jeff, both on a professional and personal level. He is a great person and super fun to work with. He's very easy going and is super flexible when my teenagers plans change. We have been with him for 4 years now and I have seen my son grow in leaps and bounds in his drumming and musician abilities. He is very thorough in all aspects of drumming. Whether it is correcting my son's posture, making sure that he is holding his sticks correctly or making sure he's not tensing up Jeff is sure to cover all the bases, as well as just making it fun. I feel confident that my son is getting a well-rounded education with Jeff. I also love that he teaches his students a variety of styles so that they are not just stuck in a certain style and not able to be flexible when the time comes to play with other people. We are so grateful to have found him and look forward to many more years of growth with him.

Sarah S.

No need to look any further for an amazing drum teacher! Jeff has been working with my daughter for several years now and has made such an amazing difference in her life. She had never played before when Jeff started coming to our house (which by the way was so fantastic and convenient for us!) and taught her the first beat. She has since grown exponentially under his guidance and her dream is now to be a drummer in a band when she grows up. Not only has he built up her musical talent, but also her self-esteem and confidence. Jeff has an amazing way to connect with his students and is a true mentor for her. We hope to keep Jeff in our lives as long as we can!

Jan S.

I cannot say enough about Jeff. He has been giving my grandson Johnny lessons WEEKLY for about 4 years! (Johnny loves visiting Jeff in his studio to play together on the two sets that Jeff has or Jeff will travel to our home if we need him to). We switched to virtual lessons on Facetime since Covid-19 and the weekly lesson still runs smoothly. Johnny looks forward to his lesson each Sunday. Jeff has not only helped him be an incredible drummer for his age, but has taught him how to read music and play every kind of music genre there is. Jeff's professional experience and knowledge has an incredible range. Johnny can sit down at his drum set and play any "kind" of music beat I ask him to. He can listen to a song on the radio and pick out the beat to replicate. He has gone through at least 5 music books on theory and technique and Jeff always makes the hourly lesson fun. Jeff always ends the lesson by jamming with Johnny or by letting Johnny's creativity soar. Every year Jeff has provided Johnny (and all his students) the opportunity to do a live show with his professional band! Johnny actually gets to be the drummer in the "band", on a stage, and gets not only a great experience, but the confidence it has given him can not be overstated. I think Johnny is working on a song with Jeff not to do in a virtual ZOOM concert. I will wrap up this honest review by saying this: we did not know Jeff before he came into our lives to be Johnny's drum instructor. I am not sure if it is Jeff's meditative experience or just his persona (probably both), but he has become a genuine friend and mentor to Johnny. He is understanding and patient and "encourages' him without pushing him. It is just what Johnny needs as he navigates his adolescent and teenage years. You will not be sorry if you hire Jeff to teach you (or your kid). He is just that GREAT.

Lara M.

I couldn’t say enough good things about Jeffrey. He has been an incredible teacher to my son for over four years. He’s patient, kind, encourages excellence and makes learning the drums fun. Plus, he’s a super cool human being and we feel lucky to know him!

Robert A.

Jeff has been awesome! Excellent at listening to my goals and helping curate a lesson play to help me reach them. He’s also been able to identify some other areas of improvement I wasn’t aware of. He’s shown excellent amounts of patience with me and my growth as a drummer. Definitely would recommend Jeff if you’re looking to kick your drumming up a notch!

Sybil W.

I've been working with Jeff to develop some areas where I struggle with my drumming. I am an older student, and have some habits that I need to correct, as well as learn/relearn some basics, like rudiments.

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