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I'm an accomplished pro touring and recording drummer, a university-trained music educator, a former Buddhist Monk, and a certified Psychology coach. My History: In the early 1990s, I moved to Los Angeles and began playing with the Nina Hagen Band. For many years I toured and recorded with Nina both nationally and internationally, and that experience was invaluable to my growth as a professional musician, pushing me to perform at the highest level possible, and allowing me the opportunity to play with great musicians at large venues across the globe.   Eventually, a deal with Elektra Records for the band Ghettoblaster took me away from the Nina Hagen Band. I recorded and performed with that band from coast to coast. That experience took me into nearly every major recording studio in Los Angeles, allowing me to work with some of the most successful and acclaimed record producers, recording engineers, and music industry professionals in the business (see resume).   In 2009, my focus turned inward toward personal spiritual development. I ordained as a Buddhist monk at that time and left the music industry to teach Buddhist philosophy and psychology full-time. This period served as a time of reflection and inspiration as well as toward fulfilling a wish to help others develop practical methods for finding authentic and sustainable inner peace.   In 2014, I returned to music, and have since been occupied producing music under the umbrella name Mechanic, performing in live and studio situations, and teaching a select group of private students.

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