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Greetings from the California drum studio!

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News & Fee Updates

Hello everyone! Things are going well here in California as I complete my training as a Positive Psychology Coach and launch my next venture called Punk Monk Works. I'll link to my new website below, but essentially I'm using my skills as a former Buddhist Monk, a Buddhist teacher,  a professional musician, and an accredited Positive Psychology mentor to help people help themselves to grow into the people they want to become. It's using the psychological sciences to promote inner qualities like insight, hope, courage, meaning, and creativity (among others). It's super effective and I love it. I'm also planning a trip back to Colorado for another legendary drum student concert. Details TBA!

Drum Lesson Fees:

I haven't increased my rate for drum lessons in years, and now is the time to do so as I get further and further behind the going rate for teachers of my experience, and my overhead continues to increase. I'm also bringing added value (as they say in the business world) directly to lessons based on my continued growth and experience as a Positive Psych mentor and a musician. Anyway, long story short: Starting at the beginning of June, lessons will be at a flat monthly rate of $225 with the flexibility to reschedule missed lessons during the month. 

You can continue to pay monthly via venmo or whichever platform you've been using, or you can set up recurring payments via the payment gateway on my Punk Monk Works website linked below. This option requires you sign up to my site and includes a $5 fee to reduce processing costs:

Click here to set up recurring payments

And, as I mentioned, I'm excited to be branching out with my new business:

Punk Monk Works (click to see all about it)

Thanks so much friends - I appreciate your kindness.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Best, Jeffrey




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